Make your own icon!!!!!

I just used up all my exclamation points for the month.

A friend once made me an icon, for unknown reasons. I’ve given up asking questions about human motivation.  This is how it was made:

1. Make a copy of your favorite holy intercessor on a transparency. If you’re unsure of your patron saint, there’s an app for it.

2. Back the transparency with slightly crumpled aluminum foil.

3. Frame it. This frame is from Ikea.

I’m a little disturbed that this icon features Adam and Eve. They aren’t actually saints, and the whole point of their story is that their excuses were ineffective. It was a sweet present, though.


4 thoughts on “Icon

  1. It was a scan of a Romanian Adam and Eve icon. She loved the imagery and wanted to share it with you and is flattered that you still have it. <3

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