Easy to love

Our front door has a large window. People peer through it before they knock, and I scream and drop things when I see them, in spite of the three soothing hours of yoga I do every week. Without yoga, I’d probably attack. I wanted a curtain. We were snowflake obsessed at the time, so we put those over the glass instead. Now we have paper flowers, since the snowflakes made me feel cold.

I also wanted a curtain in the bedroom, and I did have a $6 vintage embroidered applique tablecloth that I was afraid to use on our table. We don’t have perfect table manners. To be truthful, we barely use plates. I really don’t deserve to own this thing.

Oops, babbling. My main point about the paper flowers and hanging a tablecloth over my window is this: both of those things were very easy, and I love that, which means my personality has undergone a deep restructuring. I don’t know why it happened. Apparently I wasn’t paying close attention. But I used to love only the difficult; sometimes I still like difficult things, but I no longer view them as inherently better then something less complicated.

In honor of uncomplicated but satisfying, here are links, for the knitters, of two of my favorite patterns: the idiot cloth (pictured, half finished, above), and a seeded rib stitch scarf (also above). The pleasant things about idiot cloth are that you don’t have to commit to a size at all, since you start on a corner, and you get a little edging with no extra effort. Seeded rib stitch looks the same on both sides, lies flat, and for some reason makes people think you worked very hard on their birthday present. All nice things.


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