I am so happy when Paige comes into the library, because I want to see what she’s wearing. She’s like Anne of Green Gables crossed with a Neil Gaiman adventuress, and there’s a touch of Russian peasant + east coast boarding school, too. That may sound incoherent, but it works.

The words I think of when I see her are intrepid, funny and sweet.

I asked her to write something about the way she dresses. She did, and told me to use any bit of it I liked. I found it so interesting I didn’t want to edit it; here’s Paige, in her own words:

For me, it wasn’t until 8th grade that I started to make choices about how I wanted to look, which was, mostly, different from what I saw at the mall and at school. Before that I was stymied by the urge to conform to the preppy ideal which dominated in my New England hometown, which was at variance with my family’s budget. Once I discovered the punk scene, with its DIY attitude, glorification of vintage garments, and imperative to subvert the dominant paradigm, I realized that finances need never set me apart from my own style again. Punk culture…(MORE)

One thought on “Paige

  1. Paige and Karen k are two of my favorite “dressers” on staid Lummi Island, a land of old hippies in jeans and T’s. I find loads of inspiration in their personal styles. Fun website for colorful clothes worn by models of various ages: While I cannot afford the clothes, I love the abstract designs on the fabrics and the wild color combinations.

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