Onions by Caravaggio

I’m working on a post that’s similar to the one about Paige and her beautiful clothes. This time, it’s about Thurid, the woman who brought the handmade notebook to the bookmobile. She invited me to her house, where I took almost 200 pictures. (In other words, about 30 good pictures.) Most were of her art, but some were of her vegetables, because everything over there is beautiful. Everything. So here’s a picture of Thurid’s onions, apparently styled by Caravaggio. They don’t really fit in the galleries of her boxes and altars and books that I’m currently editing, but I had to post them anyway, because they are lovely to look at.


2 thoughts on “Onions by Caravaggio

  1. I appreciate your photos Karen, glimpses of beauty. Forgive me for questioning Caravaggio although it’s a fun name to look at and to roll around one’s mouth..

  2. I am very unforgiving. Well, maybe Caravaggio isn’t quite the right painter, although I did find an article on fruit diseases visible in Baroque painting that featured his work – exquisite depictions of leaf rot. It was the otherworldly light radiating from the onions that brought him to mind.

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