Ten minute felt projects

Speaking of simple crafts that can be assembled by monkeys, here are some of ours. All except one involve an old wool sweater.

The red bag and the navy striped one are used as my camera bag and phone case, respectively. (The cellphone mitten has been repurposed to hold a powder compact and lipstick.) Each one is a felted sweater sleeve turned inside out, backstitched along the bottom, and turned the right way out again. If it’s felted enough, you shouldn’t have to stitch around the buttonholes at the top. The camera case has a slit at the back for the strap.

Next up, fingerless gloves. I’ve made a lot of these, because I developed chilblains in my fingers two winters ago. I thought that only happened to orphans in Victorian novels, but I guess my house was a little chilly. The gray gloves were salvage, not crafting. I unintentionally threw a beautiful silk and wool sweater in the washer, and got out my good pinking shears to sever the sleeves and cut holes for my thumbs; I didn’t want it to have died in vain. Perversely, I get more compliments on this post-apocalyptic little accessory than almost anything else.

The purple gloves were made by my eight-year-old daughter, and I love the diagonal seam across the inside of the wrist. I would never have thought of such a thing. She also made the black and white gloves in her sewing class; again, the design was all hers.

At the bottom is my gray cashmere hat. It began as a rectangle cut from the torso of a very large man’s sweater, positioned to avoid all the moth damage, and sewed up one side. It’s basically a bag tied at one end with felted yarn. However, it’s a cashmere bag.

The camera bag makes a nice gift; the gloves would, too, but I think you need to do a little embroidery on those to disguise your lack of effort. (That was meant to sound gleeful, not judgmental.) And gift season approaches….

As they say on “Game of Thrones,” Christmas is coming.


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