Among the books

nadia in non-fiction

nadia in non-fiction

This is my coworker Nadia in front of the new non-fiction shelving in our remodeled library. We’ve always been grateful just for having books, and shelves to put them on, so I think our current exhilaration is caused partly by off-gassing from the new carpet, and partly by our escape from cramped quarters during the remodel. We were on the bookmobile at first. The regular staff were very patient with us, but I’m in awe of them now; I picture them careening around the county in that unwieldy behemoth, battling the generator and the wifi….they’re like 19th century sailors, without the scurvy.

After the bookmobile, we had the portable. One of the children said it looked like a little jail for librarians.

Now we can have Wii bowling at work, if we so desire. (And we do.)

I read a wonderful book last winter: Among Others, by Jo Walton. Here’s a quote:

“…libraries just sit there lending you books quietly out of the goodness of their hearts.”

Ursula Le Guin gave it a great review, bless her. It’s a little more exciting than that quote makes it sound; the heroine’s mother is a very dangerous freak. There are also fairies. Check it out. Check something out…I don’t really care what. Oh, just go get your library card; it’s under the floor mat in your car. We’ll find you a book.


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