I blame the Cat in the Hat

Nadia and Rebecca are carefully crafting their next posts (one on an engineer’s origami collection, with his commentary, and one on a beloved island fashion icon), and I am pulling my hair out because I did sign up for NaBloPoMo, but I am running out of textiles to photograph, people.

I do have these scarves :-)

I have a thing about stripes; I blame the Cat in the Hat. (Which is, by the way, still my favorite book to read out loud. I excel at The Cat in the Hat.) My passion for stripes is the only thing that carried me through the project on the left. It’s just a garter stitch scarf, knitted with embroidery thread that I bought at Goodwill. When I began it, I was very pleased with myself and wondered why everyone didn’t knit with embroidery thread. About three inches later, I knew: snarls, and tucking those little ends in. I guess it was worth it, because I wear it a lot. People ask if I bought it in Mexico, which is understandable – the colors are so bright.

The reactions I’ve had to the second scarf are more interesting to me, though. The black and white striped ribbon yarn caught my eye, and I had the stray thought that if I knit up, it would look Japanese. I did, and I think it does. (It’s seed stitch, if anyone wants to try it.) The odd thing is that I’ve had two people approach me, grab at the scarf* for closer examination, and say something to the effect that it looks very Japanese. The question is, why? Why do tiny black and white stripes in a knitted scarf, of all things, make people think of Japan? Our interpretations of visual cues are endlessly fascinating to me.

* Most knitters are used to having people fondle their clothing.


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