More quick felt projects

I think my stuffed tiger looks adorable in the devil horns I knit myself for Halloween. I did 12 rows in the round in stockinette, followed by two short rows of 9 and 6 to make the horns bend a little, and then decreased. I felted them and sewed them on to a black elastic headband. One person thought I was a cow, and one thought I was some kind of Pikachu pet, but I thought I looked somewhat demonic.

The bag with the gray and white pattern is a felted sweater sleeve; I turned it inside out, backstitched the bottom, turned it right side out, cut a buttonhole with an exacto knife and sewed on a button. The other sleeve/bag is currently in the possession of the woman who cuts my hair.

The black bag is one I made for my daughter. It’s about 7″ by 8″, knitted in stockinette in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride bulky, and felted. The best part is the strap, which is a thick mitten string.

The horns and the black bag aren’t quite as quick as the projects I put up a week or so ago; they’ll take about an evening if you felt in the washer and dryer. Get someone to help you with the mitten string.


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