Some achieve knitting, and some have knitting thrust upon them

yarn photo by LollyKnits

I joined Ravelry today, and was so impressed by their software for keeping track of projects, displaying finished projects, searching for a project to go with a particular yarn…basically everything you’d want to do with your knitting and your yarn stash. It’s just so elegant, with its queues of Fair Isle hats and cabled shrugs.

My Christmas queue, leaving aside gifts for my former mother-in-law and a few friends, is not elegant. My daughter is getting a nest of knitted owlets, because I made nests for two of her friends. I’m a little tired of owlets. The purple Hello Kitty from a few weeks ago was a hit with the birthday girl – with the entire family, really. Her younger brother now sleeps with it, and her older sister would like one. There have been altercations. I will make two more for them, plus one for the child who made me that museum quality potholder; she saw the kitty before I gave it away.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m delighted that my knitted presents lead to jealousy or even violence among the children. But my favorite recipient is another little girl in the group (I can say that – the kids don’t read this.) I’ve made her cotton washcloths for her birthday and Christmas every year since she was three. They’re easy to make, what she asks for, and are greeted with shouts of joy. I will be making them for her until she leaves for college.

Photo credit: Attribution 2.0 Generic License LollyKnit


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