The owlets

The owlets, courtesy of Miss M.

The owlets, courtesy of Miss M.

Here they are. I’ve been collecting past beasts that I made for children on the island because the library wants to have a knitalong for charity, and toymaking is the lure to bring people in. Also cookies. My owls are not as pretty as the original owlet (here’s the pattern), because I used a bulky yarn. The largest owl looks fine, but I didn’t resize the masks very well for the smaller ones. When I do it again, I’m going to switch to thinner yarn for that part of the small owls.

The nest is a ball of llama fleece with a few weeds and some curly ribbon. I’ll be making white and gray owls for my daughter, so her nest will probably have some silver and green fleece or ribbon woven in. I’ll also enlarge my litter of Silk and Wool kittens by Christmas; they will of course look nothing like their French mama.


3 thoughts on “The owlets

  1. They are so cute! I think I might make some as gifts, too. By the way, French mama-cat has gone missing. Apparently, off together with Pikachu I also made for my son. I wonder at what age do they start being careful with gifts?

  2. 32? I just try to be stoic about the fact that a lot of gifts to kids will be lost, and enjoy the whole gifty process. or the pleasure they may possibly feel when they find their little owls 20 years later.

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