Obsessing about a knitting app


La Couseuse
(Bouguereau for you, Bill :-)

Let me make this clear from the beginning: I have no idea what I am talking about. None. But my phone is full of laboriously typed notes on how to knit stitches that I haven’t memorized. I’ve accidentally deleted several of them. There has to be an app that will free me from this.

I would like something for my Windows 8 phone that does two things. I want to be able to save photographs of swatches of different patterns, with the instructions for each pattern below the photo. I also want to search the swatches visually, as well as alphabetically.  (I guess that’s more than two things. I don’t count well.)

I’ve looked for an app that will do these things on my phone, and haven’t found one. Most of the knitting apps seem to be designed to facilitate instant communication with other knitters on Ravelry or some other knitting forum, and I don’t want that. If I need help, I call my friend Nancy, and then fail to take her advice because it’s too much work. I’ve also found the Flickr group that posts knitting swatches, but it doesn’t have what I really like, and I want something stored in my phone.

My questions for knitters and/or anyone who has ever built an app are these:

1) is there an app I’ve overlooked that will do what I want on a Windows 8 phone, and

2) if not, would it be possible for me to build my own via the Windows Phone App Studio? Many years ago, I could write some html code, but I don’t want to take on anything too hopeless.

I would so appreciate any advice on this. And if I can make it work I will share (but would love swatch photos).


La Couseuse, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau – public domain


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