Jean and Madeleine

I’m working on my knitting app, using a template intended (apparently) for people who collect insects; the word “beetle” keeps popping up on my little screen. Very confusing but interesting. I needed a break, so, like most people, I went looking for neoclassical portraits, and came across Ingres‘ portrait of his first wife, Madeleine. I love his style, glossy and chilly with perfect lines, but I thought that Mme. Ingres herself was beautiful, so I went looking for a portrait of Ingres, who was, it turns out, also easy on the eyes. When you add in the fact that they had a wonderful marriage, I just feel irrationally happy. So here are some pretty people for your viewing pleasure. And, mother of God, that man could paint. (Click on the portraits to enlarge; the colors are incredible, if you enjoy minute variations on brown and black. And I do.)


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