Be careful when you Google "bear." I've just seen some terrible things.

Be careful when you Google “bear.” I’ve just seen some terrible things.

As I was explaining why New Year’s resolutions don’t work for me, my daughter heaved a sigh and said, “Anything else you’d like to talk about?”

Why, yes, sweetheart, there is.

I’d like to thank you, Nadia, Rebecca and Jane for encouraging me to write, Rebecca for offering to share her favorite log and to go to a museum exhibit entirely devoted to ice, and Nadia for interviewing an origami enthusiast on my behalf. I had no idea what to say. (And yes, Nadia, I will write it all up.)

I’d also like to thank everyone who read what I wrote, especially Jane (who always comments), and the lovely woman at, who shared a wonderful pattern and whose blog apparently directs people here to stare at weird thing I did with it. You won me with the tagline to your blog: “I knit so that I won’t kill people.” How true. And for those unfamiliar with the bowels of WordPress, every little flag it displays from Singapore, Belgium, Ukraine or France warms my heart.

I guess I’ll keep writing. I’m waiting for War and Peace to show up in the library shipment tomorrow so I can share my all-time favorite (imaginary) party. It involves bears, at least in my memory. I had no idea I was so deeply interested in bears until I began this blog. I’ve learned so much. Possibly more than I wanted.
Image: The White Bear King Valemon, by Theodor Kittlesen – public domain


One thought on “Irresolute

  1. I’m not good at psychology but that image screams Jung to me…as we ride our personal, powerful totems through the world. How to nurture and love and listen unconditionally and yet hold the reins. Wait, she doesn’t even need reins! Happy New Year!

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