Word cloud

word cloud

This is from Wordle, which I love; it’s a word cloud of this blog. The selection and relative size of the words puzzled me until I realized Wordle only sampled the home page. I mean, I love Rebecca, and Christmas, and sandwiches, but I didn’t think I’d written about them so much over the last six months. I was also confused by “midnight”, “whipping”, and “liquor”. I get to bed very early.

I’m offering the word cloud in place of a picture of cormorants at the dock; they’re my favorite bird here, excluding owls. The picture was taken on my phone, which doesn’t talk to my computer. I’ll try it on Rebecca’s computer tomorrow.

Overall, I’ve had a very strange week, and basically wanted to be invisible, which may be why my landlord phoned to see if I was dead. Those are his exact words. I told him that my child would call and let him know; he responded that she didn’t have his number, and I replied that she used my phone more than I do and was perfectly capable of searching for his name in the address book. This appeared to reassure him. We actually get along pretty well.


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