Hardly time to start a sweater…


I realize that Boeing intended “Hardly time to start a sweater” as a reference to the speed and efficiency of air travel (this is old, isn’t it?), but I interpreted it as expressing the inner objection of that man sitting next to the knitter. She does have a needle angled at his eye – what if they hit an air pocket? You can tell the flight attendant is a knitter, too, by the way she’s smirking. Also…was the sweater gnawed by wild animals just before she got on the plane? She seems to lead a somewhat reckless life.

I will write a post featuring an actual craft soon. In related news, Rebecca made me count up how many projects I was working on simultaneously; it was seven, which I don’t really think is so bad, but she seemed a little stunned. Still, it’s no wonder I had trouble finishing Christmas presents.

The image above is from the lovely people at A Good Yarn – they offer other free images of knitting and knitters.


2 thoughts on “Hardly time to start a sweater…

  1. You, more than anyone I know could sit on that plane and look like you belonged there. That’s a compliment.

  2. Thank you :) You know how I love vintage clothing. Everything else seems to be the wrong shape. Although I’m getting a little old to wear tweed – I used to look slightly eccentric, and now I just look like my mother.

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