The No Sew Rag Rug

First off, I need to acknowledge the contribution of Shanan to this piecemeal rug technique; she watched movies, tried different adjustments, and came up with a rug so large that I can barely lift it. Also, Rebecca was willing to be my first real student, and helped point out the design flaws by making fun of me once she became more skillful than I am.

I finally filmed the rug video with my web cam because it was the only way I could upload. Frankly, I’d be surprised if it was very helpful (and, oh, I am so weird on video). I wasn’t able to get good closeups with the web cam, either. Why does amateur p_0_r_n_0_g_r_@_p_h_y look so easy? Must inquire….Essentially, if you aren’t dedicated to the idea of making this rug, this video is like watching paint dry. However, if coupled with some photos explaining details, I think it’s…functional. These rugs are very simple; after you begin the rug with a small braid, the rest of the work is just one half-hitch knot after another. It’s the perfect movie-watching craft.

Oh, dear. I might make another video. I really have taught a lot of people to make these things.

Here’s a gallery showing an (almost) finished rug, the lockerhook tool, and photographs of beginning the rug, making the half-hitch knot, and attaching new strips of fabric.

Also, I’ll answer any questions, even if I have to crouch on the desk in front of my web cam and demonstrate knots. Just email me at the blog.

I have some lingering guilt over calling this the No Sew rug, since you need to make about 8 stitches (or whip out a hot glue gun – I fear them). But I liked the little rhyme.


5 thoughts on “The No Sew Rag Rug

  1. It’s all by feel, really. I have no mathematical formula, although I’m sure there is one. I keep pressing the rug down to make sure it will lie flat, and do two stitches through the same loop if it starts to look distorted when I pull the half hitch knot tight against the edge of the rug. I guess I should start taking notes. When I was working on the rug that developed a ruffle around the edge, I was drinking wine and gossiping with one of my friends – in other words, not paying attention AT ALL to what I was doing. You don’t seem as reckless as I am, and I’m sure your instinct will tell you when you need to increase.

    But I will try to count up on this next round, and see if I can come up with some rule for increases :-)

  2. Oh, well, I do that too – crafting while having a glass of wine and chatting to someone, all at the same time ;) with all the natural consequences…. I guess the increases will also depend on a few things – like how thick are the fabric stripes etc. I was just curious how you do it :)

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