My favorite log

My favorite beach logs, my favorite beach pebbles…my favorite beach. I’m not giving directions, though :)


Our own Frank Sinatra

These are pictures of one of our favorite people, he has a very wide range of styles and has been known to wear a suit and tie to school.

Dry dock

ferryEvery year at about this time our car ferry goes to dry dock for approximately three weeks for annual maintenance. A replacement passenger-only boat comes in its place. As a child growing up on the island, I always thought it was great fun to be cool and walk across on the ferry, but as an adult returning to the island with my own family it’s very different, and I’m always glad to see our ferry again all cleaned up with a new paint job.

Highland cattle

Highland cattle These are my dad’s Highland cattle, with their favorite blue truck.

The crane

crane The county is working on our ferry dock again, with the floating crane.