You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.

Here’s a picture of the Norwegian Olympic curling team in their new outfits:

They look adorable, and I am touched by their determination to add visual interest to the sport of curling. My daughter and I went to Youtube to find the 2010 curling outfits, and ended up watching an old hockey game; we both started shouting at the American goalie (idiot), even though we’re not hockey fans.

The title of this post is a quote from the truly alarming Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. It’s her birthday today! You could celebrate with an inappropriate seduction.

If that sounds like too much work, I’d recommend reading Cheri, and The Last of Cheri.


Jean and Madeleine

I’m working on my knitting app, using a template intended (apparently) for people who collect insects; the word “beetle” keeps popping up on my little screen. Very confusing but interesting. I needed a break, so, like most people, I went looking for neoclassical portraits, and came across Ingres‘ portrait of his first wife, Madeleine. I love his style, glossy and chilly with perfect lines, but I thought that Mme. Ingres herself was beautiful, so I went looking for a portrait of Ingres, who was, it turns out, also easy on the eyes. When you add in the fact that they had a wonderful marriage, I just feel irrationally happy. So here are some pretty people for your viewing pleasure. And, mother of God, that man could paint. (Click on the portraits to enlarge; the colors are incredible, if you enjoy minute variations on brown and black. And I do.)

Our own Frank Sinatra

These are pictures of one of our favorite people, he has a very wide range of styles and has been known to wear a suit and tie to school.

Pretty, pretty things

There’s a sweet lady on the island who has a spectacular collection of vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats….She lets us play dress up for fundraisers sometimes, and that’s what we did tonight, for the island firehall. The firefighters escorted us in, which was excellent because I can’t walk in those f&*(*%& shoes, gorgeous as they are. Here are two pictures of me, me, me, with my friends Rebecca and Karen H. Rebecca was dressing us, because although she is beautiful, she is the soul of modesty. Karen H. is a rock star. Me? I like hats. Elaine’s there, in the middle, just because I like her.

My teeth always scare me in photos. I think I look feral.

Notorious I.N.G. (rid)

My eight-year-old likes old movies, bless her heart. It started with White Christmas last December, and has now progressed to Gaslight, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, The Trouble With Harry, Casablanca and Notorious. The only thumbs down was for Casablanca, which she called “the most boring thing I have ever seen.” Her favorite, by a long shot, is Hitchcock’s 1946 masterpiece, Notorious, which stars Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. It has spies, intrigue, poison, a Nazi mother-in-law (literally), and two very broken, beautiful, sexy characters at the center: Bergman is both brave and emotionally exhausted, with a not unrelated drinking problem, and Grant, her spymaster and lover, is in agony that she has followed his orders and seduced their target. Not ideal working conditions.

In any case, Edith Head made all of Bergman’s clothes, and she never ever looked better. Here’s a picture that documents the moment when Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant created a force field that sucked in all the gorgeous within a five mile radius, leaving the extras withered like cornhusks:

Notorious racetrack

As my daughter says, it’s so good you forget it isn’t in color.

And here’s a bonus: a link to a shocking on-set picture of the devoutly Catholic Hitchcock caught in the act of worshiping Miss Bergman. (The picture was taken by her lover, Robert Capa, but that’s another story….)