Engineering paper: page #3

Why does Origami interest me? I suppose it began with growing up in a family and during a time where and when there was a lot of ‘making’ going on. I grew up just a few miles from the Wisconsin Steel Works on the south side of Chicago. Objects of all sorts being made in my home and all around me were part of life. I went to a high school where classes in woodworking, machine shop and mechanical drawing along with twenty two other technical subjects were taught. The three dimensionality of the world became for me an essential way to look at life. Later art and mathematics became part of how I viewed the world and the process of transformation became very important. The examples shown in these pictures all started with a flat sheet of paper and were folded into the amazing objects you see. I learned very early in life to respect the mental capacity to design and the skill it takes to make something. In some sense for me a piece of art or a utilitarian machine are all amazing and to be valued.

Bill Lee, interview 1/14/14

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