Paige on fashion

(Continued from “Paige”)
…had its share of conformity, sure, but the tent was large enough for many kinds of creative self-expression. I particularly liked the way a girl could dress up with “sexy” garments, but subvert their intent to objectify the wearer by layering, damaging, and combining the objects in provocatively un-sexy ways.

During adolescence I was involved in local community theater with my whole family. Aspects of costuming the various shows taught me much about the history of clothing and fashion. Time spent as a seamstress for a repertory theater one summer helped me understand even more about what was possible. I took the attitude in my life away from the theater that each day was an opportunity to costume myself, so I did! I guess I still do.

Having a sister very close in age and size also helped me to envision and experiment with different looks. Nikki and I shared one wardrobe, but wore the items differently. We both made our own clothes sometimes. Even as married adults, we often freely shared garments over the years. Many of my prized, funky togs are things inherited from Nikki after she passed away in 2010.

As I near middle age, I wonder if it becomes unseemly, sometimes, to continue to dress in a way that is so associated with my youth. So far, I can see no reason to become un-creative at this point just to comply with society’s idea of propriety. Dressing in a unique way is one of the only opportunities I have to be creative most days, what with the busy schedule and life’s demands. We must wear something every day, no? I hope to keep having fun with personal attire and adornment.


4 thoughts on “Paige on fashion

  1. Paige is an inspiration in attention, rebellion, intelligence & beauty! I love how they all cross-pollinate in how and what she wears ! Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

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