I guess I do have some resolutions

In 2014, I will not start or restart more than one knitting project each month. Rugmaking and crochet (granny squares) are exempt from this prohibition. Nor will I buy any new yarn, except for Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride bulky in as many colors as I want. I’m trying to be realistic. Don’t judge.

The finished products for the day are above: a purse, a hand towel, a wash cloth, a phone case (I’m running out of bits of that sweater – must find a substitute), and paper flowers. I’ve played a lot of Clue today with E. and her friend. And fought them off with a stuffed rat. I would have used a real rat if I’d had one on hand. Unfortunately, the cat has passed out from fear and exhaustion; the children have been playing with her quite a bit.

In any case, I should be able to finish the hat and two more dishcloths by Sunday, and then I’m done with gifts. I need to make some things to sell.

Feather and fan

After I got done with my shift today, I sat on the couch in the lobby and wrote out my Christmas list. I was a little overwhelmed. If you are not a small child who is getting an kitty or an owl or a purse, you are getting some variation on this feather and fan pattern, because I can only cope with one official Christmas stitch. A friend of mine at work was decisively in favor of “fancy,” as opposed to a less frilly concoction, so here we go. Enjoy your hand towels.

Feather and fane

Feather and fan

Update: Oh, who knew? There’s a bitter controversy about the name of this stitch, which is from the Shetland Islands – is it feather and fan, or old shale? I’ll go with old shale, because I find the Orkney Island ladies intimidating.