I guess I do have some resolutions

In 2014, I will not start or restart more than one knitting project each month. Rugmaking and crochet (granny squares) are exempt from this prohibition. Nor will I buy any new yarn, except for Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride bulky in as many colors as I want. I’m trying to be realistic. Don’t judge.

The finished products for the day are above: a purse, a hand towel, a wash cloth, a phone case (I’m running out of bits of that sweater – must find a substitute), and paper flowers. I’ve played a lot of Clue today with E. and her friend. And fought them off with a stuffed rat. I would have used a real rat if I’d had one on hand. Unfortunately, the cat has passed out from fear and exhaustion; the children have been playing with her quite a bit.

In any case, I should be able to finish the hat and two more dishcloths by Sunday, and then I’m done with gifts. I need to make some things to sell.


Skill, Paper, Scissors

Karen Bit Vejle

This show, “Scissors for a Brush,” featuring the papercutting art of Karen Bit Vejle, was in Seattle, at the Nordic Heritage Museum. I’m so sad that I missed it. The video looks like a fairy tale with a sorceress who casts spells in paper. (Is there one like that? There should be.) She hid these beautiful things under a rug for so many years…it all seems a little unreal.

I pretended to buy my daughter a book that teaches you to cut out things like paper wreaths of knives and forks, or carrots and radishes, but it is actually for me. She loves the forks, though, and the radishes. I like the shadows and the light and the fragility of it all.