More vintage knitting patterns

knitting mag 4

Has anyone else heard of the “S-stripe”? According to the pattern, that is what’s on the front of the sweater on the left. I had no idea such a thing existed. Those colors are a little bright for me, though, and the headbands would make me feel like a shepherd in a Christmas pageant, so I will not try to reproduce this look.

The ensemble on the right, however…I wouldn’t wear it all at once, partly because my daughter would refuse to get in the car with me until I took it off, but I would definitely wear the blouse by itself, or the hat. I think I would also wear the sweater with a navy pleated skirt, but only with my hair in a Moomintroll style topknot.

This may just indicate that I need help; if any friends reading this would like to send sad pictures of me to one of those makeover shows, be my guest. I think I’m beyond the reach of Oprah.

Vintage knitting patterns

She seems to be grazing. I suspect hallucinogenic plants.

She seems to be grazing. I suspect hallucinogenic plants.

The pattern is called “Cinnamon Toast.” It’s from Spinnerin , Volume 184, 1968.

Hardly time to start a sweater…


I realize that Boeing intended “Hardly time to start a sweater” as a reference to the speed and efficiency of air travel (this is old, isn’t it?), but I interpreted it as expressing the inner objection of that man sitting next to the knitter. She does have a needle angled at his eye – what if they hit an air pocket? You can tell the flight attendant is a knitter, too, by the way she’s smirking. Also…was the sweater gnawed by wild animals just before she got on the plane? She seems to lead a somewhat reckless life.

I will write a post featuring an actual craft soon. In related news, Rebecca made me count up how many projects I was working on simultaneously; it was seven, which I don’t really think is so bad, but she seemed a little stunned. Still, it’s no wonder I had trouble finishing Christmas presents.

The image above is from the lovely people at A Good Yarn – they offer other free images of knitting and knitters.

I don’t know why I love this so much; it’s the live ships map on I had no idea this existed – you can click on the little boats, and they have pictures and names and everything.

I need to get to sleep.

Unusual things

I drove up to Blaine to sub at the county library today. I’d never been there, and the drive took so long that I pulled over and wailed to Leslie that I thought I was in Canada. I was not. After a pleasant shift, with carrot cake, I drove off on the dark and the wind and the rain and missed my exit. I ended up on the freeway; I’ve avoided that for many years. Now I’m sitting on the couch at Nadia’s, decompressing.