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Please untangle my hair. I will never do this again.

In spite of telling myself I’d post something every day in November, and enjoying everything I wrote, I had to stop for a few days. It’s better for me if I let myself be one of the slow children. My daughter was having a concurrent struggle over dropping a school program in town that I had pushed her to take. Once upon a time, I was a ferociously competitive academic, and I was trying to encourage her to stay in the program by reminding her that other children in the school district had been tested but not admitted. This was the wrong tack to take with my sweet child. I, on the other hand, cannot even be trusted to play Scrabble nicely; I want to win. I did manage to calm myself down without behaving too stupidly, and she now says she will try it again next year. She went to say goodbye to her teacher, and there was hugging. We’ve lain in bed for a few days making things and watching age-inappropriate TV, and now things seem…right. And I had time to obsess over an idea for a knitting app. I will post the details on Thanksgiving once everyone who thinks I should be festive has eaten themselves into a coma.