Emergency Christmas Monster

Christmas Monster

Emergency Christmas Monster

The library is having a toymaking…event thing on December sixth, and I will be bringing my Emergency Christmas Monster, on loan from its young owner. I should have put something in the picture for scale, because this thing is only three inches tall. Since small children are usually enchanted by tiny things, it’s the perfect present for a child who shows up unexpectedly at a holiday party. If you totally ignore your guests, you should be able to finish it in an hour and a half, easily. I’ve actually done this before; my parties run much better if I don’t interfere.

All this monster is is a tiny stocking cap stuffed with fleece. I gave it a waistline of sorts by using a piece of yarn as a drawstring, folded the bottom of the hat to form four feet, stitched that up, knitted several inches of idiot cord for the head, and then added eyes and a mouth. Seriously, the worse this thing looks, the better.

We’ll have other simple patterns available, and if anyone wants to work on their own Christmas presents, that would be great, too. After about a week, I’ll take the gift toys to Lydia Place, in Bellingham (yes, we checked, they do want them :), and I will mail any hats we can churn out before Christmas to Afghans for Afghans, heroic purveyors of knitwear. They have a long and distinguished track record of getting socks and other things to people who are miserably cold.


The owlets

The owlets, courtesy of Miss M.

The owlets, courtesy of Miss M.

Here they are. I’ve been collecting past beasts that I made for children on the island because the library wants to have a knitalong for charity, and toymaking is the lure to bring people in. Also cookies. My owls are not as pretty as the original owlet (here’s the pattern), because I used a bulky yarn. The largest owl looks fine, but I didn’t resize the masks very well for the smaller ones. When I do it again, I’m going to switch to thinner yarn for that part of the small owls.

The nest is a ball of llama fleece with a few weeds and some curly ribbon. I’ll be making white and gray owls for my daughter, so her nest will probably have some silver and green fleece or ribbon woven in. I’ll also enlarge my litter of Silk and Wool kittens by Christmas; they will of course look nothing like their French mama.

Hello, kitty

This is a late birthday present for a three-year-old girl who loves purple and Hello Kitty. (I have Hello Kitty yoga pants; I can’t resist her either.) I found the pattern at Silk and Wool and had a lot of fun making it, although my cat is much more burly and has a faint anime tinge. And, yes, it’s only H.K. inspired, not a perfect replica. As advised, I’ve made the head smaller, and used buttons for eyes after I was reassured that the birthday girl would not eat them. I also felted it a little, because I will felt anything. My daughter contributed the pompom for the collar. I was not happy about that at first, but now I think it’s great.

I can’t decide if late birthday gifts are disappointing, or a nice surprise. It would be best for me to choose the second option, since the gifts I make are usually late.